We offer an extensive suite of video production and post-production services. From short pieces to camera, to broadcast quality multi-stage shoots on your premises, on location, from the air or in a studio. We take a MacGyver-like approach to all our assignments and respond to last minute changes to requirements and scope with flexibility and tenacity.

In addition to production, we provide creative support and peripheral services that can add interest and professionalism to your finished videos. We can also help you to set up in-house capabilities so you can produce short videos quickly and without the need for external suppliers.

We operate in all states of Australia, and internationally.


SYDNEY: Jeremy Richman +61 411 100 237 | [email protected]
MELBOURNE: Josh Waldhorn +61 414 447 082 | [email protected]


  • Coach and assist your talent in preparation for filming
  • Video structure and development
  • Script structure, development and writing
  • Graphics and slides
  • Animation
  • Infographics
  • B-Roll footage
  • Music and sound effects
  • Voice over
  • Spec and setup in-house video capability for clients
  • Training in lighting, sound, videography, coaching and editing
  • Customer support, on-site and remotely