Joshua Tanchel, Partner, Deloitte Private

“Deloitte Private was one of the founding users and I think it is a terrific platform to distribute quality pieces of thought leadership in a dynamic manner. Video is such an effective channel and I hope more Corporates get behind Eye Level. Feel free to send anyone my way for a recommendation.”


Dr Robert Lang, CEO, Parramatta City Council

“I was very impressed with how Eyelevel put together such an interesting group of speakers on the topic of Future Cities. The end result was informative, well presented technically and a fabulous platform for sharing ideas. I look forward to following other topics on their website.”


Pete Cooper, Innovator & Investor, SydStart

“I was impressed with the innovative format and execution of EyeLevel. It adds value to the conversation by letting experts connect to community directly on exact topics of interest.”


lisa-messengerLisa Messenger, Publisher, Renegade Collective

“It was great to be one of the opinion leaders on the panel. I really like the EyeLevel format – it’s a very professional and engaging way to connect a group of people and communicate and share their ideas.”


Richard Palmer, Associate Director WSP Built Ecology

“The Eyelevel team provided insightful curation of the thought leadership content and provided a slick, and professional platform for delivering our thought leadership in the age of online and social media.”


Ross de la Motte, Principal, Hassell

“I enjoyed the process. It is good to extract yourself from the frenzy of day to day work activity to take time to capture some considered views on our cities and the importance of investing in the future.”